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Whether one’s estate is large or small, it’s important that everyone exercise their rights to decide where their property should go when they leave this earth. A will or trust does just that. And once one passes on, the orderly administration of the estate or trust estate is something to be taken seriously.

Not to be forgotten are the papers that need to be in place while we are still living—financial powers of attorney, a healthcare appointment to make healthcare decisions for us when we can’t make them ourselves, and a living will to take care of end-of-life circumstances. Call Withered Burns, LLP to speak with an experienced attorney in Lafayette, Indiana.

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How Our Wills, Trusts & Estate Lawyers Can Help

Preparing Estate Plans

Estate planning is surprisingly easy once an individual or couple makes the decision to get the job done. Powers of Attorney, Healthcare powers and Living Wills are often needed to be ready for a person’s incapacity. Depending on your personal and financial circumstances, a will or a trust may be best. We will explain it all and help you make the best decision possible for your estate plan.

Estate & Trust Administration

When the time comes, a property must pass from one generation to the next. We have experience in making the process as simple, timely, and economical as possible. Every estate and trust administration is important and will receive our focused attention.

Powers of Attorney

When necessary for someone else to sign financial papers or make financial transactions, we prepare the “Power of Attorney” to accomplish this.

Healthcare Documents

In today’s world, it is critical that everyone have their healthcare documents in place—appointing a healthcare representative to make decisions for them if they cannot make the decisions themselves, and a living will to cover end of-life situations. We assist in preparing the appropriate documents to protect people.