Trials & Appeals Lawyers in Lafayette, Indiana

As the law and government regulations expand, society sees more and more civil litigation. From contract claims to will contests, from insurance coverage issues to mechanics liens, from civil rights cases to defending suits by the government, and in numerous other areas, individuals and businesses embroiled in litigation need capable representation. We have tried numerous jury trials and bench trials in many areas of the law, and have also taken and defended many appeals in the higher courts.

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Based in Lafayette, our law firm represents individuals, families, and business professionals in a wide range of matters.

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How Our Trial & Appeals Lawyers Can Help

Business Litigation

We represent businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and individual businesses in various types of litigation, such as contract disputes, mechanics liens, employment lawsuits and proceedings before the EEOC and Indiana Civil Rights Commission, and in various other types of business litigation. We also have significant experience in litigating non-compete agreements, employment agreements, and trade secrets issues.

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Condemnation - Eminent Domain

When the government takes property owned by private individuals and businesses — a process called eminent domain, or condemnation — we represent them in seeking just compensation for their property, as is required by the Constitution and statutes.

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General & Civil Litigation in Lafayette

We have experience in a wide variety of contract claims, real estate disputes, property damage cases, insurance coverage issues, construction claims, will contests, and estate claims.

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Probate Litigation

Every mentally competent adult has the right to make an estate plan as he or she chooses. The law protects the choices made except when a person does not have sufficient mental capacity to make the estate plan or someone has unfairly influenced the person in making an estate plan.

Our firm has the experience to analyze the legal, medical, psychiatric and fact-intensive complexities of mental capacity. We can help identify and bring to light situations where a person takes unfair advantage of someone making an estate plan and convinces that person to benefit another person who was not really an intended recipient.

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Lafayette, IN Appeals Attorneys

We write and argue appeals from decisions of the trial courts. We have argued cases in the Indiana Supreme Court, the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Tax Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (Chicago).

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