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Having a thorough knowledge of what we do, Withered Burns and our slip and fall lawyers are ready to tackle any and every case introduced to us. We will ensure that the justice you deserve is delivered to you. The owners of the location responsible for your slip and fall will be sure to address your circumstances with the utmost respect.

By collaborating with a name like Withered Burns, you will have more than 35 years of experience and knowledge fighting alongside you. That means we hold expertise of the highest tier and are ready to use our skills and knowledge to your advantage. We will work with even the slightest details of your case to ensure that we right the wrongs that you were burdened with.

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Based in Lafayette, our law firm represents individuals, families, and business professionals in a wide range of matters.

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Hire an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney for Your Case

An unsalted and icy sidewalk can be dangerous regardless of how careful you are. Unattended spills left on the floor of a facility can lead even the most cautious of individuals to lose their footing. When a person slips and suffers an injury, oftentimes the fall could have been prevented with a few simple steps. A slip and fall lawyer with experience in such cases can analyze what could, and should, have been done to prevent the fall. Our slip and fall attorneys have the experience necessary to provide advice about what rights you have after such a fall. Don't wait for justice to be served! Contact an experienced accident attorney in Lafayette, IN, and ensure your case is addressed properly.


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