Adoptions, Real Estate, & Criminal Law in Lafayette, Indiana

Adopting a child is a very happy event for both the child and the adopting parents. Withered Burns, LLP takes pride in handling these cases and guiding parents through the process of adopting a child. So, too, when a guardianship is needed for an elderly person or a child, we prepare the necessary paperwork for putting a guardian in place to protect the interests of persons unable to protect themselves and represent them in court.

We also work with individuals and businesses who are buying or selling houses, business properties, or farmland. And we provide representation in some criminal law matters. Trust the experienced attorneys at Withered Burns, LLP for your legal needs in Lafayette, IN.

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Based in Lafayette, our law firm represents individuals, families, and business professionals in a wide range of matters.

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How Our Lafayette Attorneys Can Help

Adoptions & Guardianships

If a child is left without the care of a parent, a guardianship can often help. In some cases, an adoption is best to provide the child a permanent new parent or parents. Guardianships can also help if an adult becomes incapacitated by advanced age or physical or mental health problems.

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Lafayette, IN Real Estate

If you are buying or selling a home, with or without a real estate agent, we can make sure your rights are protected and ensure a smooth transaction. We also have extensive experience in transactions involving farmland, easements, and property line disputes. Hire a knowledgeable attorney in Lafayette, Indiana to give you peace of mind.

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Criminal Law Representation in Lafayette, IN

Government Law

When you are being investigated for or have been charged with a crime, it is critical that you talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Every case is unique. We can advise you on what to expect and will work hard to achieve a good outcome.

DUI (Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated)

The ramifications of a drunk driving conviction can be significant. It is very important to have legal representation to determine whether your rights were violated in an arrest and to detect any possible errors in the investigation.

Criminal Expungements

The consequences of a conviction do not end when the court closes your case. For example, a criminal record may make it very difficult to find a job. There have been significant recent changes to the expungement laws. We can advise you if you are eligible and, if so, draft a petition based on your circumstances.

Specialized Driving Privileges

In 2015, new rules went into effect to allow eligible suspended drivers to get specialized driving privileges. Even if you were ineligible under the old systems of hardship or probationary licenses, we can work with you to get specialized driving privileges if you are eligible.

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